Embrace Heart Health Webinar

EVENT: Embrace heart Health Webinar

DESCRIPTION: Discover the keys to optimal heart health, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

DATE: Thursday, 9 March 2023
TIME: 19:00
COST: R500 to join Webinar LIVE

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VENUE: Online Zoom Webinar

HOST: Dr. Francois du Toit ( Doctor of Natural Medicine)



After having presented over 70 workshops on the topic of heart disease, cholesterol and blood sugar control Dr du Toit is now ready to share his life saving health insights and expertise to you!
Have you found information on cholesterol and heart disease confusing? Are you looking for practical and dietary advice on how to optimize your heart health and energy? Do you struggle with weight control and high blood sugar levels or event diabetes? Do you want to learn how to prevent dis-ease and potentially reverse illnesses like high blood pressure, varicose veins, and arteriosclerosis?
This webinar is for people who want to take charge and prevent heart disease for themselves or for a dear family member who may be suffering.

Come join Dr. Francois du Toit for this one of a kind, Embrace Heart Health Webinar!
Dr. Francois du Toit is a versatile Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.), Health Coach and Expert Health Masterclass presenter. He has been consulting patients for 11 years and has helped thousands of patients regain their health and has also presented over 100 workshops, mostly to a very sought out group of Wellness Enthusiasts. He worked in some of the best Luxury Retreats and Spa’s in the world, providing their main health services and steering clients into wellbeing. Because he was guided to recover from severe childhood illnesses by a natural doctor when he was just 2 years old he can share from a rich lifelong experience on many of the health topics he speaks about.
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